Braiding FAQs
Additional Information that will help answer questions regarding the Kumihimo Braiding Books and other interesting facts.


In Book 3, Braiding with Beads there is this beautiful silver focal bead with a face on it. Where can I get one?

I bought this many years ago at one of the Tucson Gem shows. Sajen Silver is the name of the company selling it. These days when I want one of these pieces I go to ebay and search for "Sajen silver goddess." But I warn you, they are not cheap. The harder they are to find, the more the price seems go up. <br><br>

In the Out of the World Lariat Instructions found in Book 3, Braiding with Beads, I'm confused about how many boro beads go where. Help!

First, remember that the Lariat is made in two pieces and joined at center back with a magnetic end cap. Each piece uses HALF the total beads. Since the boros are sold in strings of 25; Bobbin 1 will have 12 regular and 13 mini boros. Bobbin 17 will have 13 regular and 12 mini boros. Boros on both bobbins will be followed by a length of Size 8 Delicas. You will repeat this process when it comes time to braid the second piece.

How to divide the Delicas: The original pile of 50 grams of Delicas is divided in two piles, one for each side of the necklace. Take one half-pile and divide it into 8 equal piles, one pile for each bobbin. Step 3 now should make more sense.

In Book 2 Necklaces Braided on the Kumihimo Disk, is there a mistake on the braiding table for Color Tipped Swirl?

Yes. No excuses. We typo'd. It occurs on line 17. The last color should have a 12 in it instead of the 11. It should read that you move from slit 29 to 12. Now, chances are you won't realize that this was the mistake until farther down the table. Note: When the book was reprinted in 2011, we fixed the typo. Corrected copies of the book have a "v2" printed after the Copyright line on the inside cover. If your book has a v2 or greater, than you can forget about this problem.

Really? You think you solved the problem? Because when I get down to line 32 it says I should lift from 25 and drop into 10, but 10 is full. Don't you really mean 11?

This isn't happening to me! We test, we review, we do all that good stuff to catch errors. I plead dyslexia or something like that. But, YES. Line 32 should read lift from 25 and drop in 11. Sorry.<br><br/>

In Book 2 Necklaces Braided on the Kumihimo Disk on page 19 of instructions for the Laramie Braid are the Step 4 instructions exactly the same as the step 3 instructions?

Yes they are. So skip Step 4 and move right into Step 5. This got by us in both the 2009 and the v2, 2011 editions. We'll fix it the next time we reprint.

In Book 2, Necklaces Braided on the Kumihimo Disk on page 24 picture 17. The picture has all the cords in the correct position but the accent color cords are not shown correctly. We reused the opening picture from the previous page and didn't take into account that the accent color cords would have rotated to the right. Positions are correct. Color placement is off.