Fiesta Necklace

Kim Fox used her gorgeous findings to finish this braid made of lowly shells. Pattern is in Book 3 - Braiding with Beads.

Lilies on the Vine

No doubt where this necklace got its name. Acrylic flowers and a beaded core make this necklace a stunner. Check to see if instructions and kits are still available.

Renaissance Rocks

Deep rich colors of tigers eye braided together in a multidrop pattern. Definitely a statement necklace. Pattern is in Book 4 - Braiding with Beads 2.

Kumihimo Braid As a Base

Contemporary Geometric Beading combined with an edged braid and you have the basis for all sorts of possibilities.

Two Part Necklace

Short or Long? No need to make decide.  Leave both options open by using a decorative magnetic end cap.

More Two Part Fun

Beads set the tone for this artistic necklace that goes with everything.