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Accent Bead Design
2201 Francisco Drive Suite 140-158
El Dorado Hills, CA 95762

WE DO NOT HAVE A STOREFRONT. This is a Pak Mail facility where we receive mail and packages. This is a good thing because everything stays nice and secure...and safe from the elements. Occasionally people have stopped by looking for my storefront. This gives the people at Pak Mail a good laugh. There is a nice frozen yogurt shop next door. If you happen to erroneously stop by here to see my store, say "Hi" to Monica and then treat yourself to a nice yogurt.

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Your message will be sent to I get more junk mail than you can imagine. So I filter out what I can and try to train my email to learn from what I dump. One thing I look for first is "Message from Accent Bead Customer." That gets my attention right away and is your best chance of being spotted in all the dreck that comes my way.

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I don't recommend calling. The best way to get in touch with me is thru email.

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Old Technology. No longer have one.